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Saturday, 16 December 2017 



The idea of education holds a promise.

While much of Indian society has evolved from its collectivist roots to embrace pluralism as being the essence of our vibrant democracy – the sense of ‘quality education’, too has evolved. It is this journey of evolution that holds and supports the promise of quality education – one that explores a child’s innate potential, thus transforming the individual’s sense of esteem, worth and confidence, for life. Children are most impressionable during their formative years. It is early at the school that their thinking and perceptual patterns are shaped; these have a profound effect on their personality in later years. Students between the age of three and eighteen spend over 60 per cent of their time in the school; we are morally and  functionally bound to design an education framework that will instil in them essential skills for a rewarding career and life ahead; thus contributing to the building of society. 

Since its Independence, India has made phenomenal progress in the field of education and its education system is considered, by far, to be one of the largest yet most complex in the world. The complexity of the system is deep rooted and stems from the country’s need to set uniform standards while giving equal scope to its diverse culture and heritage. However, during the course of this journey, focus is lost; a blend of ‘imperatives’ such as incorporating futuristic education whilst focusing on learning outcomes – creates for this blurring of the system’s promise.

In the global context, the discussions about school education and deciding the policy discourse for the same have moved away from merely providing infrastructure to delivering ‘quality in actual’- a phrase that not only addresses a child’s ability to engage with real-world problems, but also refers to developing a child’s ability to acquire perspective critical for finding the ways to face challenging situations.

This paradigm shift is a combined outcome of the change in people’s mind-sets, learning theories, research in the field of child psychology, pedagogy and global technological advancements that have greatly impacted the way education is delivered. The same underlines a global acceptance towards developing efficient teaching and evaluation methodologies that aren’t based on rote and recall but rather empower students by responding positively to their area of interest, multiple intelligence and deliver learning through a pedagogic system based on understanding and application.


Central Academy Jodhpur, is one of the many schools  which is  led by a  progressive thought process; it rightfully highlights the paramount concern of all like-minded educators in our country, with regard to ‘Decoding Quality Education’ through a collaborative discussion platform  i.e the “School Education Excellence Summit“.  With a single point agenda of improving the ‘quality of education’ in terms of introducing new age teaching methodologies directed at better learning outcomes, the Summit addresses both rural and urban concerns and aims to address the prevalent problems at the grassroots’ level. It will also suggest the inclusion of a dynamic and robust curriculum framework, aided by appropriate technology, to enlighten and nurture the Mind, Body and Spirit of the learner.

The Endeavour shall unite eminent members from the field of academics, governance, corporate, research, technology, sports, arts & spirituality – addressing the gaps and sharing individual ideas and perspectives through a series of sessions and panel discussions. The Summit will culminate by offering suggestions and value based reforms, to be shared with the Government for further enforcement at policy levels.

Considering that the student is the final beneficiary in any education system, this signature Summit from Central Academy Jodhpur, shall engage eminent stakeholders in the school education system in an open-ended discussion, exchanging views and ideas to bring quintessential changes to the prevalent Indian ‘pedagogy’; thus ‘de-coding’ the delivery of education excellence at academic, technology, sports, health & nutrition, co-curricular & vocational levels.


 Universal Selective is a strategic brand engineering and marketing consultancy engaged in devising contemporary communication solutions for diverse business enterprises- operating under multiple markets and stakeholder groups. Central  Academy Jodhpur and Universal Selective bring you the School Education Excellence Summit 2017 on 16th December 2017.


Decoding Quality Education – The Equigrowth of Mind, Body & Spirit



The Summit shall present valuable views and ideologies of distinguished stakeholders from the field of education thereby presenting a great platform about the world education scenario.


A great opportunity to network with eminent personalities from the field of academics, governance, sports, arts & spirituality.


The Summit shall present valuable perspectives that  will contribute to structuring reforms in the policies of school education in India.​


An event of extreme significance, the Summit offers prominent branding opportunities for the companies operating in the field of education.


8:30 AM

9.30 AM

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11:30 AM
12:45 PM
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6:00 PM
Registration Open

Welcome Address

Address by Guest of Honor 

Special Addresses 
Address by Chief Guest 
Morning Tea Break
Panel Discussion - MIND

Summation of Discussion by Session Chairperson

Panel Discussion - BODY
Summation of Discussion by Session Chairperson
Special Address
Tea Break 
Panel Discussion - SPIRIT
Summation of Discussion by Session Chairperson
Sponsors Session
Concluding Session & Vote of Thanks




  • School Promoters, Directors, Principals, Academicians

  • Senior Management & Administrative Heads

  • Teachers of Public and Private Schools

  • Government Officials, Policy Makers, Bureaucrats

  • Infrastructure and ICT Companies working in the sector

  • Education Trade Bodies, Corporates, Industry representatives

  • International Schools & Associations

  • Embassies, High Commissions & Consulates

  • NGOs working in the field of Education

  • Banks, Financial Institutions

  • Media

  • Parents


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School Education Excellence Summit

SEES 2017 is the first of its kind education Summit in Western Rajasthan. The Summit, establishing an open discussion to decode ‘Quality Education’, aims to create larger awareness about new age teaching methodologies that shall contribute in structuring reforms in Indian School education policies.


December 16, 2017 at 8:30 AM  - 6:30 PM IST 


Amargarh Resort, Opposite Shubham Farms, Pal Road,

Bhadu Market, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003, India


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