Focusing on inculcating quality education methodologies in the academic curriculum that keep the students at the centre of the learning process.

The Discussion shall include subjects like:

  • Learning from the World

  • Pedagogical Challenges in Overburdened Classrooms

  • The Ancient & the Modern Education in India: A Juxtaposition

  • Bridging the Rural Vs Urban Mindset: RTE

  • Engineering the Way Forward for Citizens of Tomorrow: Pedagogical & Technological Advances.


Focusing at deploying Quality Education regime for the well being and harmony between the body and mind. It will not only lay emphasis on sports and physical training but also on ways to integrate it with the learning process. The areas covered would be:

  • Physical Education: Why Isn’t India Moving Forward

  • Co-Curricular Syllabus as a Medium for Inclusive Education

  • Typically Developing Children and the Specially Abled: Using Co-Curricular Planning to Sensitise Classrooms

  • Technology and Co-Curricular Classes: New Kid on the Block

  • Alternative Professions in PE and the Arts: Addressing the Elephant in the Room


Spirit Panel Discussion shall emphasize on incorporating Quality Education methodologies exploring newer disciplines and techniques to develop a sense of entrepreneurship and positive temperament towards creativity, research and innovation. Education must also develop the virtues of stillness and mindfulness to promote stress-free living and prepare the learner to participate positively to the world around them. The discussion shall include subjects like: 

  • Child Psychology

  • Life Skills Training

  • Spiritual Awareness

  • Community Welfare and Environmental Responsibility Programs, and

  • Fostering entrepreneurship at the school level.