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Central Academy Jodhpur was constituted in 1978, under the aegis of (Late) Mr. Dinesh Narayan Mishra.  From its very inception, Central Academy Jodhpur envisioned to contribute towards building a greater society - one which is liberal, self-sustainable and promotes the well-being of its people.  

The Institution currently operates with nine school campuses in Jodhpur and Pali, Rajasthan, offering one of the best academic, sports and technological infrastructures with vast green spaces for its students-in accordance with the global education environment.

Delivering quality education to more than 17,000 students every year, Central Academy Jodhpur is a modern day success story in understanding and adapting to the sea changes that have occurred over time in the field of education and instructional techniques.

While functioning under the prescribed national guidelines, Central Academy Jodhpur’s exploration and experience of four decades has led to the development of its own ‘application based, progressive teaching methodologies’, evolved and perfected over time. The Academy has created its functional framework, keeping demographic and geographic dynamics in mind, thus making for an inclusive environment for a society that promotes  development.

The Academy understands that quality education has to nurture the Mind, the Body and the Spirit of the learner for actual education to take place. The Summit is an endeavour to decode and define what quality education may mean, with a framework which can be used for any and most education institutions in the Country.

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